whyflip with us?

By making a few simple upgrades, your home could sell for up to 20% more.

Are you about to sell your home for less than it’s worth? Whether it’s an unfinished basement, an outdated kitchen or bathroom, or just poor curb appeal — by making a few simple upgrades, you can increase the value of your home by up to 20%.

WeFlip helps home owners get more money out of their homes by making equity-boosting upgrades. We’ll take care of everything, from start to finish, and you won’t need to spend a dime out of your own pocket.

More money in your pocket

Commissions, bank fees, and legal fees are just a few of the costs that come straight out of your equity. Some of these costs are unavoidable. But making the right renovations can make up for all those other costs and put more money back in your pocket. Studies have shown that an upgraded home can sell for up to 20% more than the same home without upgrades.

Ready for sale in 2 months

Home renovations often take 4 months or longer. When we do a house, we don’t just assign 1 or 2 people to the job. We assign a team of up to 5 people to make sure the job gets done in less than two months, guaranteed.

No renovation headaches

Ever had to deal with contractors? Not only are they notoriously unethical, they’re also unreliable. They prey on naive home owners who don’t know the first thing about renovations. When you flip your home with us, we manage all the renovations from start to finish. And we only use trusted contractors that we’ve been working with for years.

Only the best for your home

Buyers are looking for a home that’s already perfect. Our renovations include the finest in cabinetry, granite countertops, home technology (such as Nest thermostats), and hardwood flooring. Because we buy these supplies in bulk, we pay much less than you would. And those savings are passed on to you.

Luxury temporary living

While we’re working on your home, you’ll be relaxing in your furnished condo with all the amenities. Go for a swim, play round of squash, enjoy the breath taking views… and let us worry about the renovations.

Free Moving

We will move you to the condo and then again to your new home at no cost to you! All you have to do is make sure all your bags are packed.

No risk to you

We guarantee your home will sell for more after we’re done with it. If the home sells for a price which doesn’t even cover the renovation expenditure, the renovations are on us.

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