Case Study

Need an example? Here’s what the process looked like for Ethan & Lily.


Home Evaluation

When we first walked into Ethan and Lily’s home we noticed that the kitchen, although well-kept, hadn’t been upgraded in decades. We also noticed that the foyer tiles, windows and bathrooms all needed to be completely changed. And the front facade of the house needed a facelift as well.

Ethan and Lily House Before


Home Appraisal

Ethan and Lilly’s home was appraised at a value of $870,000. Before consulting WeFlip, they already had a standing offer of $850,000 on their home.

Renovation Proposal



We sat with Ethan and Lily and decided that we would need to renovate the entire kitchen, add new tiles through the house, hardwood floors upstairs, new windows, landscape their front lawn, change all the bathrooms and do some stonework on the outside of the property.


Flip Agreement

Ethan & Lily met with one of our Flip Managers who explained the whole process. He told them how much we estimated we could sell their house for with the planned upgrades. They also consulted their lawyer to review the contract (paid for by WeFlip) before signing.


Temporary Living

Lily wanted to live right in the heart of downtown Mississauga. She chose a beautiful condo just opposite Square One Shopping Centre. WeFlip paid all the expenses, including the moving costs.

Move Into Your Condo
Renovation Your Home
Renovation Your Home



While the home was being renovated, Ethan and Lily were kept up to date by their Flip Manager with an in-depth email every other week.. WeFlip made $110,000 in renovations into the home and managed the entire process.

Sell Your Home


Sell for More

Ethan and Lily chose to keep the same agent that initially had listed their home. They received an unconditional offer of $1,055,000 and sold it at that price right away.

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